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2009-04-29 04:32 am

Writer's Block: Musical Affliction


Here, have 10.

The Format - Snails
Veda - Safe
The Dear Hunter - Red Hands
Veda - Desire On Repeat
James Morrison - Wonderful World
Kris Allen - Falling Slowly
Kevin Rudolf - Let It Rock
Two Gallants - Despite What You've Been Told
We Are Scientists - Inaction
Andrew Bird - Imitosis

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2009-01-07 01:39 am
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2008-12-20 01:40 am
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You Were The First Real Choice I Would Make...

Jumped overboard because the water’s always greener
when the sun shines on the sea
Would you drown for me?
It’s just as deep as you can make it
you tread water when you could stand on your knees
but don’t pray to me.
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2008-12-14 09:29 pm

Dear Jenny

boys wear overcoats in heat like this to keep themselves from showing
girls fill out prescriptions for the tricks that keep their hearts from growing
specialists review the year in tears and call for drastic measures
send them to resorts for boys and girl to get their shit together

sad but true the facts of life are bound to get you down
so whats the use dear jenny anyway the world is pretty....
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2008-05-28 01:53 am

I Want One That's Indestructible

i'm always building them without paying attention to detail.
they're weak and give way too easily.
i need some new blue prints, but, why bother?
i'm not an architect, so why am i trying to do an architects work?

...i just want to know what's on the other side.

Everything is wrecked and grey
I'm focusing on your image
Can you hear me in the void?