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2ne1, 2pm, a tale of two sisters, adele, alkaline trio, amanda palmer, american horror story, amusement parks on fire, apes & androids, asian horror films, ayumi hamasaki, back to the future series, battle royale, baumer, best student council, billy talent, blindside, blood: the last vampire, brick, brown eyed girls, case closed a.k.a detective conan, cowboy bebop, death proof, deftones, denali, dir en grey, dong woon, dresden dolls, durarara, edward scissorhands, envy on the coast, fallout, fatal frame, fight club, finch, flcl, fruits basket, full metal alchemist, gerard way, gingersnaps, glassjaw, grand theft auto, grease, grimlins, harpers island, heavens, honey and clover, icon, icons, innerpartysystem, interpol, iris, jimmy eat world, joseph gordon levitt, judy garland, jurassic park, k-pop, kamikaze girls, kick ass, kill bill, kpop, kung fu hustle, kyary, kyary pamyu, kyary pamyu pamyu, lady gaga, lady radiator, lee byung hun, lee hong ki, left 4 dead, let the right one in, lydia, manchester orchestra, matt skiba, memento, mila jovovich, my chemical romance, my ordinary life, neverending story, ouran high school host club, paprika, placebo, planet terror, princess jellyfish, queer as folk, read or die, reggie and the full effect, resident evil, resident evil series, roswell, sailor moon, sam sparro, sasameki koto, shaun of the dead, she wants revenge, sia, silent hill, skins uk, soup, sugarcult, sushi, suspiria, t.o.p, the bronx, the dear hunter, the fades, the fifth element, the format, the hives, the host, the l word, the princess bride, the red shoes, the skies revolt, the walking dead, this is england, tokyo police club, ultraviolet, underworld, usagi drop, vampire knight, wagnaria!, walk the moon, we are scientists, wizard of oz, wonder girls, world's greatest first love, you're beautiful, zombies
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